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...sang Paul Simon, and that pretty much sums up my day yesterday. ("Day off," my arse!)

I actually meant to post this last night & was too tired. :-P

THe day started w/ my ringing up my insurance co. to yell at them over an ongoing bill from the ER doc after my car accident. The hospital seems to think I should pay it. My insurance documents say otherwise. Thursday I got a letter from a collection agency (!), so there was much yelling Friday morning. The insurance agent insists the bill was paid a month ago (um, would that be before or after I yelled at you about the "Final Notice" bill??), and it's the hospital's fault, and... gnng!

Dropped the dog off @ the vet's at 9:30. She was Not Amused.

Drove over to work (!) to fax the collection agency letter to the insurance co., along w/ a note saying I wanted written confirmation that this was taken care of & my record was cleared, or I was going to write to the president of the company. Yes, I could've faxed it from Staples or wherever, but I wanted to do it myself & besides, I don't pay for it at work. *G*

Drove home, briefly, to get more tea. Drove over to the optician's to pick up my new glasses (I can see! It's a Miracle!). Gossiped a bit w/ his assistant while he cut the lenses. She's a mystery fan, so we talked books. :-D Left w/ 2 new pairs of glasses & a much lighter wallet (ouch!).

Decided to treat myself to lunch @ the diner. Halfway through, Mom rings my cell phone - there's a chance Dad might be coming home that afternoon, and could I go home & get clothes for him & bring them to the hospital?

Drove *all the way home,* packed a bag for Dad, then went out again - past the optician's, past the diner, to the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to finally turn in the license plates from the old Sundance. Drove past the DMV *twice,* because it's so badly signposted. Finally found the place, braved the barely controlled anarchy, and turned in the plates. Now I've got to call the insurance co. back & find out where to send the letter, so I can stop paying the insurance on a car that was probably crushed into a cube weeks ago.

Drove out to the hospital to see Dad. He saw me for a total of 90 seconds, then promptly went back to sleep, but what the heck, that can only be good for him. Turns out they *weren't* sending him home yesterday after all, which is just as well. He should be coming home today.

Drove back to the vet's & picked up the dog, who was really, really Not Amused. Turns out he didn't have to remove the infected toenail after all (in fact, it was 2 nails), but he debrided the dead tissue instead. Yes, that is *every bit* as nasty as it sounds. If you watch "House," debriding is what they did to his leg. If you don't watch "House," look it up - but don't be eating when you do.

I was in bed by 9:30 last night.



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