Spidey, Mets

Oh, Mets.

How I've missed you.  Or something like that.

Is it too soon to start saying "Just wait 'til next year?"
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I must be getting old...

I thought that I was going to have tickets to see Billy Joel at the Barclays Center on New Year's Eve, courtesy of a friend of a friend of a coworker of my Mom's.  Now it looks like that's fallen through, and while I'm bummed, my main reaction is, "Thank gods I don't have to schlep down to Brooklyn on New Year's Eve."  :-P
Beast 1

*mutter mutter mutter*

Went to the doc's today for an annual physical like a responsible adult.  Unfortunately, whichever irresponsible adult took the appointment a few weeks ago forgot to put it in the book, and I was sitting there for half an hour before someone came out & said, "Um ... who are you here to see?"

*facepalms endlessly*
Hawkeye WTF

Smarter than the average bear?

So, the good news is, the heavy-duty bungee cord I got to keep the raccoons out of the garbage cans appears to be working.

The bad news is, I may've underestimated the raccoons.  This morning I found the garbage can (still tied with bungee cord) about 15 feet away under a tree.  Apparently they were trying to carry it back to their Secret Raccoon Lair to crack at their leisure.  Possibly with dynamite.